Ways to Support

New Hope Community Services relies on donations, sponsorships, and fundraising campaigns to raise money to operate our shelter programs. By partnering volunteers and other community groups, we are building a comprehensive and accessible network of social support to address the complex issues of homelessness. Being the foremost provider of shelter services in Singapore, we have learned through more than ten years of service to better care for this vulnerable population. However, community support is vital to the success of our on-going programs.

The need is urgent. No one should go through the trauma and indignity of homelessness one more night. The task of ending homelessness in Singapore is great, but together we can make a difference. We invite you and your organization to help send the poor and homeless on their homeward bound journey with New Hope Community Services. Here are some ways you get involved:
Be A Beacon (Fundraiser)
Getting Started

Step 1: Register as participant

You can register as an individual or a group.

If you are registering as a Team Leader, please enter your Team Name instead of your own name.

If you are joining an existing team, ask your Team Leader for the team code and enter it under the "Team Code" field.

Step 2: Personalise your page

Tell us about yourself and share your story! How did you hear about us? Why did you choose to support us?

Here, you can also set your fundraising target and write about any fundraising activities you’ll be organising.

Step 3: Share your page

Great job on setting your page up! In the previous step, we asked you to tell us about yourself and your story. Now, it's time to share it with your community! Have fun and we hope you’ll have lots of meaningful conversations ahead!
Volunteer With Us!

Our volunteers play an important role in helping us to restore hope to the displaced and disadvantaged in our community. When you volunteer with us, it’s not just a chance to do good for the community but it’s also a great way to cultivate your skills or to carry out a project with your friends.

Come discover the perfect opportunity for you today!

Volunteer With Us!

Homelessness exists in Singapore. In spite of being one of the wealthiest countries in the world with all the outward forms of affluence, Singapore's invisible poor lurks as foreboding spirits in the night, presenting a disconcerting social issue.