This year, we're bringing the kampung spirit to our Beacons of New Hope campaign. We put a local spin on our theme to bring us back to our roots of sharing and doing life as one community.

Kampung means village in Bahasa Melayu. If you lived in a kampung back then, you'd be used to sharing what you had with your neighbours. And they’d have done the same for you. Life in the kampung meant you were never alone - in your highs and lows.

In our work, we strive to be a kampung community for the displaced and disadvantaged. Sama-sama (Bersama), which means Together, emphasises the importance of working together to support the community we're in.

This means that you can be part of this kampung too!

It takes a kampung to welcome someone home.
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Your support helps us to make the path out of homelessness brighter for our beneficiaries.

Watch our video series Journey: Home to learn more about their journey home and how your donations are changing lives.

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1 May 2023 to 15 July 2023

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